2000AD Prog 432: Rogue Mayall – Killer in a Concrete Jungle! “I warned you, Dredd!” BLAM! BLAM!

Mij takes a bath, Ace takes the lead, Nosferatu takes a new identity, Ukko takes the mirth and Rogue takes his leave.

2000AD Prog 431: Norts Landing – Meltdown Minus 15! G.I. Stake Out!

Johnny and Wulf hit the palace, the Yellow Snork hits a snag, so does Nosferatu, Sláine and Elfric get macrocosmic (sigh) and Rogue gets hot under the collar.

2000AD Prog 427: Anderson – Death or Glory? “Jusssticcce ssshall be done!”

Anderson invites the Dark Judges to limbo, Sláine has a wardrobe change, Supersurf 7 is go, Johnny and Wulf pay a trip to the farm and a 20th century earthlet Boing®s to the 22nd.

2000D Prog 426: Midnight Express – Southbound Surfer! “Intruder on track! Impact unavoidable!”

Johnny and Wulf in semi-retirement on a forested colony planet, a pilot stranded on a forested planet (apparently), Sláine... the gladiator, Marlon goes on the run (flutter? Because he's flying), Rogue gains a lead though also gains a few enemies in the next zone (ambush alert?) and the remaining Dark Judges also 'port in to an ambush.


2000AD Prog 423: Dark Judges in Crash Dorm 2! “Ssssleep forever!” Anderson’s nightmare!

Things hot up in the Grand Hall of Justice, Sláine and Murdach's balancing act, Judge amok, Rogue in disguise (as a rhino) and the bounty hunters face the Howlers

2000AD Prog 418: Death’s dark dimension: Necropolis now! “Unwrap the corpssse – sso that we may live!”

The DJs are back, so's Slough Feg, poison gas in MC1, the pincer movement continues (but doesn't resolve) and the Stronts go after their first bounties.

2000AD Prog 411: Sláine is back in Time Killer!

Halo finds out something about her past, Sláine finds out something about Earth's past, Dredd finds out where the Hunters Club meet, Rogue finds out that Norts aren't the only aliens and we find out that Rudd falls for one of the oldest tricks in the book.

2000AD Prog 410: Rogue Trooper – back at the front! This means war!

Rogue and the boys go batty, we find out who ate all the pies, Halo has to trust a bunch of rats, Chip cashes in his chips, the Imperial Army divides and fails to conquer and things get hot for Korky and Rose.

2000AD Prog 399: A.B.C. K.O. B.E.M. S.N.A.F.U! (O.K?) “Mongrol SMUSH!”

Back for his second cover Bryan Talbot shows a dishevelled Mongrol making a return and Tom Frame (presumably) contrasts the yellow and red of Mongrol with greens and blues for Nemesis. Tharg's Nerve Centre has Free Gift News! The next prog will feature a Dune album. Tharg also answers a reader's query by revealing that … Continue reading 2000AD Prog 399: A.B.C. K.O. B.E.M. S.N.A.F.U! (O.K?) “Mongrol SMUSH!”

2000AD Prog 394: Tomorrow’s evil in the City of the Damned! “What the drokk…?” “The Hell Street Blues!”

I'd have been too young to have watched Hill Street Blues, but I would probably have gotten the pun on this cover from Ron Smith. It's only know when I look it up that I find the blue vampire judges shown are named after characters from the show. A brief search suggests the vampires in … Continue reading 2000AD Prog 394: Tomorrow’s evil in the City of the Damned! “What the drokk…?” “The Hell Street Blues!”