2000AD Prog 447: Adventure Gaming Gets Thrill-Powered! You are Sláine in Tomb of Terror!

2000AD salmon leaps on to the 1980s fantasy gaming craze with Sláine, technology fails on Earth, but only when relevant to the plot, ugly lives in Mega-City One, home life with Wulf and goodbye to Azure.

2000AD Prog 437: 5 Men plus 1 Droid plus 1 Alien plus 1 Panther Equals ? “Maximum kill-points!” The future of Earth is in Their Hands – Mean Team

The return of Elmer and Mabeline, the Mean Team appear on the scene, Norman does a Kryten (or Kryten will do a Norman), when Slobbs attack and Sam Slade returns to New York

2000AD Prog 432: Rogue Mayall – Killer in a Concrete Jungle! “I warned you, Dredd!” BLAM! BLAM!

Mij takes a bath, Ace takes the lead, Nosferatu takes a new identity, Ukko takes the mirth and Rogue takes his leave.

2000AD Prog 430: Ace Garp: You’ll Never Warp Alone!

The king's head falls, possession in Termight, shapechanging alien spiders in Mega-City One (well, one shapechanging alien spider), Ace hits the meteor belt at warp speed and Rogue gets tied down.

2000AD Prog 420: Sláine: El hath no fury… “Kill the hu-man!” Cosmic competition! Win the Henshin robos!

Anderson's back! Tharg's Food-Shocks. What is Sláine's type? Dark Judges at large! Is Dredd needed? Nah! Bounty hunting is thirsty business.

2000AD Prog 418: Death’s dark dimension: Necropolis now! “Unwrap the corpssse – sso that we may live!”

The DJs are back, so's Slough Feg, poison gas in MC1, the pincer movement continues (but doesn't resolve) and the Stronts go after their first bounties.

2000AD Prog 415: Free inside! 6 ‘Masters of the Universe’ stickers! Bright eyes… burning like fire! Big prizes to be won in KP Alien Spacers competition!

Halo doesn't meet with an old friend in a bar, Ukko completely fails to comfort Tlachtga and we re-meet Elfric, Primo gets a bit hot-headed, the adviser advises Rogue and Crustacia scuttles off.

2000AD Prog 410: Rogue Trooper – back at the front! This means war!

Rogue and the boys go batty, we find out who ate all the pies, Halo has to trust a bunch of rats, Chip cashes in his chips, the Imperial Army divides and fails to conquer and things get hot for Korky and Rose.

2000AD Prog 408: The weird guppy commune trek straight into hell! “What the gup is happenin’, man?” LAVALANCHE!

Halo meets... erm... Oscar the Psi meets a bank robber. Chip meets the Hunters Club. Robots meet humans. Guppies meet lava.

2000AD Prog 395: Take out your partners for the ballroom blitz! “Blimey – gatecrashers!” KLIK!

I've not been paying attention but I think this is Bryan Talbot's first cover for the galaxy's greatest comic. There shall be more. This may be the first time Ro-Jaws has made it to the cover since Prog 114. Tharg's Nerve Centre has compliments for the Ballad of Halo Jones (Tharg doesn't take the opportunity … Continue reading 2000AD Prog 395: Take out your partners for the ballroom blitz! “Blimey – gatecrashers!” KLIK!