Shriekback: Nemesis

A diversion from the regular progs for another song inspired by the galaxy's greatest comic.

The Fink Brothers: Mutants in Mega-City One

There's been a few 2000AD-related songs released already, but this was the first official one, and has artwork from an established 2000AD artist, as befits that. Something I only noticed this week about Brian Bolland's cover artwork (also used for the cover of Prog 403) is that the citiblocks on the front and back match … Continue reading The Fink Brothers: Mutants in Mega-City One


The Human League: Dare

Another musical departure today as we have a look at Dare by the Human League. And no, it's nothing to do with Dan Dare! This album actually came out over a year earlier on the 16th of October 1981, but I've been waiting to cover it for another reason... As you'll have seen yesterday, Sam … Continue reading The Human League: Dare

Spizzenergi 2: Mega-City Three

I've said that this blog will cover everything 2000AD-related (with exceptions where I don't actually own said item and not including reprints). There's been a few songs written over the years, a few official and others of varying degrees of 'canonicity'. This one wasn't licenced but is covered in a 2000AD article, so that gives … Continue reading Spizzenergi 2: Mega-City Three

Music Index

A new section which I shall build on. Here's a list of music which directly references 2000AD and 2000AD characters. I've put them in roughly chronological order and if I write blog posts about them I'll link them up (there's one or two which might not get posts written about them, but we'll see). 1978 … Continue reading Music Index