2000AD Prog 410: Rogue Trooper – back at the front! This means war!

Rogue and the boys go batty, we find out who ate all the pies, Halo has to trust a bunch of rats, Chip cashes in his chips, the Imperial Army divides and fails to conquer and things get hot for Korky and Rose.

2000AD Prog 409: Mega-City One: city of 400 million guilty secrets! “You’re under arrest!” “Ulp!” “…He’s guessed I’m a mutie!” “…seen my wall-scrawl!” “…knows I’m in the Hunters Club!”

Halo smells a rat, Oscar goes to Earth, the latest recruit is not a Chip off the old Bub, two thieves don't much about art and everything looking Rosie for Korky...