2000AD Prog 432: Rogue Mayall – Killer in a Concrete Jungle! “I warned you, Dredd!” BLAM! BLAM!

Mij takes a bath, Ace takes the lead, Nosferatu takes a new identity, Ukko takes the mirth and Rogue takes his leave.

2000AD Prog 416: Zarjaz 8th birthday issue! Win! commodore 64 computer systems & Valiant Robo-Turtles! New mega-thrills! Alpha – Strontium Dog! “The future is here!” Anderson – Psi Division!

Anderson Psi Division makes her debut (well, in her own series), the worm turns (did I use that pun already?), another night, another graveyard shift, Rogue and the boys are all at sea and a bounty hunting duo become a bounty hunting trio.

2000AD Prog 415: Free inside! 6 ‘Masters of the Universe’ stickers! Bright eyes… burning like fire! Big prizes to be won in KP Alien Spacers competition!

Halo doesn't meet with an old friend in a bar, Ukko completely fails to comfort Tlachtga and we re-meet Elfric, Primo gets a bit hot-headed, the adviser advises Rogue and Crustacia scuttles off.

2000AD Prog 414: Master of Mega-City One! Judge Dredd

Halo goes swimming and dancing, Tlachtga has a blast, a juve is primed and ready to explode, the bats come home to roost for the G.I.s and Bud doesn't quite make it to the New Territories.

2000AD Prog 413: The hunt is on for Halo’s bones! Hot digital dog!

Dogs die in hot Claras, the worm is about to turn, don't be that person at the party, Rogue goes underground (what's Nu?) and don't split the helltrek!

2000AD Prog 412: Who’s putting the squeeze on J.D? “Don’t break the law, creep…” “I crush you good!” Monsteroso M16

Toby doggedly pursues Halo, the Knucker gets Sláine in to trouble, big jobs in Mega-City One (but not from Mek-Quake), the un-named adviser advises Rogue, Rudd turns on the Nebbs.

2000AD Prog 411: Sláine is back in Time Killer!

Halo finds out something about her past, Sláine finds out something about Earth's past, Dredd finds out where the Hunters Club meet, Rogue finds out that Norts aren't the only aliens and we find out that Rudd falls for one of the oldest tricks in the book.

2000AD Annual 1984

Dave Gibbons provided this cover, featuring an ensemble of Hammerstein (with Ro-Busters head), Slade, Rogue, Johnny Alpha, Dredd and Speedo Ghost in the background. I don't remember much about this annual, so can't remember if they all appear inside (in proper stories). Cosmic Contents has Robin Smith's armoured Tharg casting a spell or something. Sam … Continue reading 2000AD Annual 1984


2000AD Prog 280: “It’s tasty!” GUNGE

This is one of the most classic covers from Ron Smith - by the time I first saw this back prog I'd probably have already met Otto Sump. If not from the Eagle Comics reprint, then from the Smart Sweets story. In my personal mythology a back prog is one of those prog which was … Continue reading 2000AD Prog 280: “It’s tasty!” GUNGE

2000AD Prog 248: Play ball! In the Mean Arena!

I keep thinking this Mean Arena cover is by Steve Dillon, but it's actually from Brian Bolland with some very Dillonesque cast members. Tharg reminds earthlets that the Krill Tro Thargo can be awarded for purposes other than introducing new readers to the galaxy's greatest in the Nerve Centre. Ten publishes a letter about a … Continue reading 2000AD Prog 248: Play ball! In the Mean Arena!