2000AD Prog 419: Fear, Fire, Death & Mortis! “There’ss no sstopping uss now!”

Anderson dead (yeah, right) as the Dark Judges jump to another dimension, Sláine also jumps dimensions, ending up els-where, something smells at the Necropolis, hulks get lit and Alpha should have taken care of the robots (one way or another).

2000AD Prog 416: Zarjaz 8th birthday issue! Win! commodore 64 computer systems & Valiant Robo-Turtles! New mega-thrills! Alpha – Strontium Dog! “The future is here!” Anderson – Psi Division!

Anderson Psi Division makes her debut (well, in her own series), the worm turns (did I use that pun already?), another night, another graveyard shift, Rogue and the boys are all at sea and a bounty hunting duo become a bounty hunting trio.

2000AD Prog 413: The hunt is on for Halo’s bones! Hot digital dog!

Dogs die in hot Claras, the worm is about to turn, don't be that person at the party, Rogue goes underground (what's Nu?) and don't split the helltrek!

2000AD Prog 412: Who’s putting the squeeze on J.D? “Don’t break the law, creep…” “I crush you good!” Monsteroso M16

Toby doggedly pursues Halo, the Knucker gets Sláine in to trouble, big jobs in Mega-City One (but not from Mek-Quake), the un-named adviser advises Rogue, Rudd turns on the Nebbs.

2000AD Prog 411: Sláine is back in Time Killer!

Halo finds out something about her past, Sláine finds out something about Earth's past, Dredd finds out where the Hunters Club meet, Rogue finds out that Norts aren't the only aliens and we find out that Rudd falls for one of the oldest tricks in the book.

2000AD Prog 408: The weird guppy commune trek straight into hell! “What the gup is happenin’, man?” LAVALANCHE!

Halo meets... erm... Oscar the Psi meets a bank robber. Chip meets the Hunters Club. Robots meet humans. Guppies meet lava.

2000AD Prog 407: Lennard J. Stibble: come on down! Lenn’s 43, he’s a kneepad salesman, happily single… …and the next victim of The Hunters Club!

Toby gets some exercise, White Cloud investigates a colony, a kneepad seller gets hunted down, media empires make the news and Rudd fits in a quick marriage.

2000AD Prog 406: The Ballad of Halo Jones Act II

A change of pace for Halo, Rogue heads to Horst, Dredd gets bionic peepers and Anderson faces the young Mutant, Tomas de Torquemada (spoiler) dies, so does Titus Nebb.

2000AD Prog 404: Torquemada dresses to kill! FWOOSHH! “Your fireballs cannot harm me now, Nemesis… repent and die!”

Bryan Talbot puts Torquemada on the cover about a year after the last time (that time a phantasmal and victorious Kevin O'Neill piece). Music Centre continues the promotion of Mutants in Mega-City One by running some reviews from various sources (The Galactic Guardian has a typo "I lovde it"). The rest of the Nerve Music … Continue reading 2000AD Prog 404: Torquemada dresses to kill! FWOOSHH! “Your fireballs cannot harm me now, Nemesis… repent and die!”

2000AD Prog 400: Dogfight – the rat bites back! WHAAM!

King Carlos shows that a landscape image of an aircraft exploding after being hit by missiles looks better when drawn by a comic artist than when stolen (without credit) by a gallery artist. Always great to get a wraparound cover from Carlos. Tharg's Nerve Centre has a reader complaining that none of the Strontium Dog … Continue reading 2000AD Prog 400: Dogfight – the rat bites back! WHAAM!