2000AD Prog 446: Messerschmitts in the Mega-City! “Himmel! This isn’t Stalingrad!”

Young Alpha accepts the mission to save the Earth, even if it means saving everybody's lives, Bad Jack is determined to go to Earth, even if they have to kill to get there. The second world war ends - in the twenty second century! What to do with a robot butler? At the Souther / Nort peace pact, aliens attack!


The Daily Dredds 1984

In 1984, forty-two Judge Dredd stories were published in a major national newspaper. This is their tale.

2000AD Prog 429: Rogue Playing Games? Dragons in Dungeons!

The Stronts take on the slavers, settlers take on the aliens (but they don't know it), Sharkespeare takes on the tunnel, space truckers take on the Yellow Line and the dragoids aren't all that bad. Sss.

2000AD Prog 428: Supersurf Rules Okeydokey! “Ground those skyhogs!”

Johnny and Wulf down at the farm, Sláine masters the warp spasm, Chopper gets a lead in Supersurf while Dredd gets a lead on the Supersurf finish, Ace gets news of his own finish and things aren't looking rosy for Rogue either.

2000D Prog 426: Midnight Express – Southbound Surfer! “Intruder on track! Impact unavoidable!”

Johnny and Wulf in semi-retirement on a forested colony planet, a pilot stranded on a forested planet (apparently), Sláine... the gladiator, Marlon goes on the run (flutter? Because he's flying), Rogue gains a lead though also gains a few enemies in the next zone (ambush alert?) and the remaining Dark Judges also 'port in to an ambush.

2000AD Prog 425: No escape for Smiley’s people! The Slavers of Drule “Who can help us now?”

Puntastic alien slavers attack a colony world, Sláine and Murdach go flying, Marlon also goes flying, Rogue meets Moho and Anderson gets another chance to prove herself.

2000AD Prog 424: Midnight in the Mega-City… Surfing on the street! “Crazy skyhog!”

Fear falls first, Sláine versus the Nazis (not really), the mice are coming, a new passtime in the Mega-City (the cover kind of gives that away), the Norts flog a dead horse and the bounty hunters finish their big bust.

2000AD Prog 400: Dogfight – the rat bites back! WHAAM!

King Carlos shows that a landscape image of an aircraft exploding after being hit by missiles looks better when drawn by a comic artist than when stolen (without credit) by a gallery artist. Always great to get a wraparound cover from Carlos. Tharg's Nerve Centre has a reader complaining that none of the Strontium Dog … Continue reading 2000AD Prog 400: Dogfight – the rat bites back! WHAAM!

2000AD Prog 396: WIN! Dungeons & Dragons treasure trove! “We need NEW BLOOD – join us, Joe…” “Hershey! She’s a VAMPIRE!”

Robin Smith reprises the last panel of last week's Dredd (and no doubt the opener of this week's too) in this cover showing vampire Hershey about to put the bite on Dredd. Tharg's Nerve Centre has a letter from an earthlet whose brother insists that Helltrekkers is 'copied' from Bloodfang (a dinosaur story running in … Continue reading 2000AD Prog 396: WIN! Dungeons & Dragons treasure trove! “We need NEW BLOOD – join us, Joe…” “Hershey! She’s a VAMPIRE!”

The Daily Dredds: 1983

The newspaper strips continue in to their third year (and were collected with those from 1981 to 1986 in a hardback edition a few years back). For the sake of logistics, I'm saving these up in to batches for coverage in this blog (it wouldn't exactly be practical to have one episode per day, interspersed … Continue reading The Daily Dredds: 1983