2000AD Prog 448: Adventure Gamers: Dice! Camera! Roll ’em! “Slay!”

Lamal's story ends, Blood-Prow is named, today's teacher is... Dredd! Alpha and Sternhammer meet.

2000AD Prog 447: Adventure Gaming Gets Thrill-Powered! You are Sláine in Tomb of Terror!

2000AD salmon leaps on to the 1980s fantasy gaming craze with Sláine, technology fails on Earth, but only when relevant to the plot, ugly lives in Mega-City One, home life with Wulf and goodbye to Azure.

2000AD Prog 445: Johnny and Wulf Get Nailed! “Scratch two dogs!”

"No, I AM your brother!" as we say a temporary goodbye to Nemesis and a longer goodbye to Termight. Peace in our time on Milicom. The Mega-Citizenry takes the fall. Security Pods chase the Mean Team through the skies of Artificon. Alpha and Sternhammer are back - but for how long? It's time for the Ragnarok Job!


2000AD Prog 444: Welcome Home, Rogue! “Any last requests?” “Yeah… MISS!”

Purity's flashback, Candida's flashback, now it's the turn of Thoth and Satanus! Mystery hands are going to make Rogue war. Judge Dredd: I am the... love? The Mean Team go on the run and being psychic isn't all it's cracked up to be.

2000AD Prog 441: Flab Fever in the Future City! “Praise the lard!” Win Robotix monster machines!

A deal with the devil, Slade discharges from hospital, Tubbs makes it big, crime is a thing of the past and so is the Mean Team.

2000AD Prog 440: 2-Ton Tony Wants to Go Out… “Fat chance!” “It can’t be done!” “Shut up and push!”

Purity's flashback? Now it's Candida's turn! Slade goes to hospital, ratoining ends in Mega-City One, a prisoner escapes and has to make a choice and Bad Jack and Henry Moon take on the enemy team, alone!

2000AD Prog 436: The S-L-A-Y-E-D Treatment! “My friends call me Sam!” KZAAK! BZZZZT!

In the post jumping-on prog week, Torque gets a roasting, Nem gets married, Thoth reveals their pet, Slade takes Manhattan, Otto Sump gets smart, the President of the Earth deals with a comet and IPC's nursery title meets the Beast.

2000AD Prog 435: Dredd Dispenses Justice “I am the LAW!” …and the sentence is Thrill-Power! Walkie Talkie Freebie – 20 to give away! Robohunter – New Thrill! Nemesis – New Thrill!

Jumping on prog - the return of Nemesis, Thoth, Sam Slade, Burt and the debut of the Mean Team!

The Daily Dredds 1984

In 1984, forty-two Judge Dredd stories were published in a major national newspaper. This is their tale.

2000AD Prog 433: The Sweet Taste of Justice! “Come here, food!”

City of the High Cythrons, Alpha puts out a bounty, Dredd doggedly pursues Nosferatu (write his name in blood), Garp makes the nightlight flight.