2000AD and Starlord Prog 97: We take… a giant step for comic-kind every week!

A generic picture of a giant robot striding through a ruined cityscape, a couple cowering behind a pile of rubble. With a bit of luck there won’t be a hastily-subbed story to explain what’s going on.

Over the page… For a moment I thought there was, but it’s alright, it’s the first of the reader-submitted short stories – which promises to be Future-Shock-tastic (what else can you do with 250 words?) As with the last post, I’m writing this on a bank holiday Sunday in the garden, so the title of the short story appeals to me – A Hot Summer’s Day – the story in question is a variant on the ‘question of scale’ style Shock.

On to the thrills – The Hounds of Klegg! take to the streets in The Day the Law Died! and they have Judge Dredd’s taste. Considering how much happened last prog (exodus, halted, wall ordered, finished, Klegghounds appear) not much actually happens this prog – the hounds basically run through the city and find Dredd, the episode ending with Dredd’s arm in the maw of the hound. Not that I’m complaining, it just leapt out at me while writing the synopsis.

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Prog 67: MACH Zero in… Darts of Death!

Brian Bolland shows early signs that he’s cut out to be a cover artist (well, he started off with 2000AD as a cover artist, but this is a good one). Certainly better use of his talents than putting him on Walter…

Speaking of which – in the Nerve Centre, Tharg tells us that Walter has returned, on pages 15 and 32 of this prog… Better news is that Ant Wars is going to start next prog – can’t beat a good giant ant story! Paul Butler writes in to complain that the phrase “No Way” was used four times in prog 53, and that this phrase is obsolete. I’m sure that will never be used after the 1970s.

Dan Dare visits the Garden of Eden. In a start very much like the beginning of Star Slayer, the Space Fortress impinges on an alien race’s territory, who respond by shooting first, then giving Dare a chance to turn back. Dare, not respecting boundaries, carries on regardless. Making planetfall they land on a pastroal planet and are greeted by someone dressed like a puritan who emigrated to the Americas. By the way – an unnecessary in media res opening followed by a flashback. The flashback consisted of two small panels and didn’t add a whole lot.

Next page is an advert for Star Wars Palitoy figures – the classic Star Wars figures.

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Prog 60: M.A.C.H.1 meet your replacement… M.A.C.H.2!

Brian Bolland presents a spoilerific MACH 1 cover (in the last episode we’d only just met MACH 2 – before we’d seen Probe fight him at all we’ve seen this cover with his face half melted off, showing a robotic skeleton beneath – years before Terminator, in case anybody’s wondering).

I’ve not commented much on the Nerve Centre, but shall do so for this one – Tharg talks about how “other people are trying to catch up in the thrill value of futuristic tales” and “how could any other being produce a paper to rival my supreme offering to you Earthlets?” – no mention of Star Lord, but it’ll be on the shelves within a month… Iain Findlay of Glasgow writes in to say how they didn’t enjoy Dredd’s Luna 1 adventures as much as those in Mega City 1 (good news, Iain, Dredd’s back in the Meg – bad news, only for this prog – off to the Cursed Earth next week). Iain also hopes that Invasion will return soon – it’s going to be about twenty five to thirty years! Meanwhile Simon Brown of Abington says how great 2000AD is, but how other publications from the same address are trash and how “it would be absolutely and positively a disaster if you ever contemplated joining with another comic!” What I said about Star Lord within a month? Spoiler – twenty-two issues later it will be merging with 2000AD 🙂

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Prog 32: You will not defeat me, human! The Silver Cyborg shall destroy you and your planet!


I was thinking that the art on this Supercover Saga was possibly Evi from a previous cover, but apparently it was provided by Trevor Goring who would later (much later) go on to do some fantastically atmospheric art inside the prog.  This leads me to wonder if Evi is a pen-name for Trevor Goring – all the letters are in the name…

The cover also finally promises Full Facts for the Futurefocus Postergraphs.

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Prog 31: Alert! Alert! Emergency touchdown – Pad 5, get the clean-up crew, fast!


Apparently Lopez provided the artwork for Prog 31 / Supercover 13, which shows a pretty interesting giant insect attacking a less interesting spaceship.  As I dismissed last week’s text for the supercover I’m going to treat this as a bit of standalone artwork.  I particularly like the translucent wings, which partially obscure the body of the insect, the word balloon, logo and price info (the box that shows how much your prog costs if you buy it in outlandish places such as the Asteroid Belt, Mercury, Venus or New Zealand).

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