2000AD Prog 437: 5 Men plus 1 Droid plus 1 Alien plus 1 Panther Equals ? “Maximum kill-points!” The future of Earth is in Their Hands – Mean Team

The return of Elmer and Mabeline, the Mean Team appear on the scene, Norman does a Kryten (or Kryten will do a Norman), when Slobbs attack and Sam Slade returns to New York

The Daily Dredds 1984

In 1984, forty-two Judge Dredd stories were published in a major national newspaper. This is their tale.

2000AD Prog 416: Zarjaz 8th birthday issue! Win! commodore 64 computer systems & Valiant Robo-Turtles! New mega-thrills! Alpha – Strontium Dog! “The future is here!” Anderson – Psi Division!

Anderson Psi Division makes her debut (well, in her own series), the worm turns (did I use that pun already?), another night, another graveyard shift, Rogue and the boys are all at sea and a bounty hunting duo become a bounty hunting trio.

2000AD Prog 411: Sláine is back in Time Killer!

Halo finds out something about her past, Sláine finds out something about Earth's past, Dredd finds out where the Hunters Club meet, Rogue finds out that Norts aren't the only aliens and we find out that Rudd falls for one of the oldest tricks in the book.

The Daily Dredds: 1983

The newspaper strips continue in to their third year (and were collected with those from 1981 to 1986 in a hardback edition a few years back). For the sake of logistics, I'm saving these up in to batches for coverage in this blog (it wouldn't exactly be practical to have one episode per day, interspersed … Continue reading The Daily Dredds: 1983


The Daily Dredds: 1982

The first full year of weekly newspaper strips (it later went daily which is why we generally think of them as a daily strip, and that was the name given when they were collected in a hardback edition a few years back). Target Chief Judge - this is a bit of a strange one from … Continue reading The Daily Dredds: 1982

The Daily Dredds: 1981

In general the aim of this blog is to cover every publication from the House of Tharg (plus a few Tharg-adjacent things that have cropped up over the years) in roughly the order they came out - one blog per publication. When it comes to the newspaper strips, practicality demands a different approach. In 1981, … Continue reading The Daily Dredds: 1981

Judge Dredd Annual 1982

Mike McMahon provides the cover for the second Judge Dredd Annual which has a very green theme going on (border, gloves and boots, rooftop gardens and jetpacking perp's visor). The contents page continues with the McMahon artwork as Dredd and a cohort of judges (what is the collective noun for judges, anyway?) stand outside the … Continue reading Judge Dredd Annual 1982

2000AD Prog 215: Meet Mega-City One’s Contract Killers!

This is an excellent cover by Brian Bolland, featuring to contract killers targetting half of a couple in a window on the block opposite - from body language it looks like they're mid-argument, so no prices for guessing who took out the contract! The block in question is Rolf Harris Block - that hasn't aged … Continue reading 2000AD Prog 215: Meet Mega-City One’s Contract Killers!

2000AD Prog 210: “FREEZE!” The body-snatchers catch a cold – inside!

Drafting in the artist responsible for The Forever Crimes, Brian Bolland is back with a spoilerific Dredd cover - featuring Citizen Heinz and his wife Hilda in a suspended animation drawer. Johnny's back! And we're going to meet a few of his new friends... Strontium Dog: Portrait of a Mutant Part 8 by Alan Grant … Continue reading 2000AD Prog 210: “FREEZE!” The body-snatchers catch a cold – inside!