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2000AD Prog 21: Supercover 3 – Emergency! The Alien Machine is about to Destroy our World!

2000adlogo-originalApparently this cover was provided by Trevor Goring, who would later be responsible for some fantastic, atmospheric Future Shocks, and Kevin O’Neill, whose work on Nemesis the Warlock Book III was largely responsible for my continuing with 2000AD and reading comics past childhood.  It’s pretty disappointing that this work together is so uninspiring…

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2000AD Prog 20: Supercover 2 – The Man who Stole the Stars!

This post has been in ‘drafts’ for nearly three months now, so probably about time I finished it and published…

0001._Feb_27_1977_-_Jun_23_1979_(1-118)The Supercover story on prog 20 is ‘The Man Who Stole the Stars!’, which is fitting as when I read this, on the day that his death was announced, it called to mind the late David Bowie’s songs ‘The Man Who Sold the World’ and ‘Starman’ (amongst other space-themed songs).

Over the page, however, we get the first instalment of a large-creature-based strip to replace Flesh with the polar bear Shako!  Continue reading

2000AD Prog 16: Flight Z-40… Location Devil’s Triangle… Amber Alert! We are being Attacked by the Capitol Building!

Another Bolland cover here, though I don’t find his distinctive style coming through in this recreation of the M.A.C.H.1 splash page.  Not sure what Tharg told Brian to draw, but the presence of a ship and a conventional jet plane instead of the Blackbird that features in the story suggest either a breakdown of communication or script changes after the commission.

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2000AD Prog 15: MACH One Plus One!

Bolland’s second cover for 2000AD (his ‘day job’ was still illustrating Power Man for Nigeria at the time, but while Dave Gibbons and Kevin O’Neill (who had also drawn for Power Man) had managed to escape to 2000AD, the most Bolland managed in the early days was to provide roughly a third of the early 2000AD covers).  This one features Probe on the verge of being torn apart by Yeti, with a border of hieroglyphs / circuit diagrams.  Probably my favourite cover up to this point. Continue reading

2000AD Prog 14: The Dinosaurs have got us! The Pteranodons have got us! And now… the Spiders have got us!

It seems that most of the covers in the early days had speech bubbles on.  Much later I’m sure years passed between covers featuring speech bubbles.  We’ve got quite a nice ratio nowadays of speech versus speechless covers. Pteranodons, tyrannosaurs and giant spiders feature on this particular cover (plus the Trans-Time rangers issuing the afore-mentioned speech bubbles).

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2000AD Prog 13: From Out of my Alien Head I, Tharg Bring you the… Future!

While there’s one or two that jump out, I’m not a big fan of montage covers, and this one has been bodged from a number of sources.  I recognise the picture of John Probe with skull-imprinted circuits from the first prog and no doubt I could go back through the other progs up to this point and locate the other pictures.  Tharg is sporting a red mohican while his Rosette of Sirius is white – at some point this colour scheme will swap.  Oh, and ‘programme’ has been shortened to ‘prog’ on this cover – it’s about time!

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2000AD Prog 12: The Return of Mekon

2000AD is in the dozens now, Dare’s second saga is beginning and both front and back covers are given over to the spacer.  The front is illustrated by Mike Western, with a ship by Belardinelli bodged in a few times. Continue reading