2000AD Prog 447: Adventure Gaming Gets Thrill-Powered! You are Sláine in Tomb of Terror!

2000AD salmon leaps on to the 1980s fantasy gaming craze with Sláine, technology fails on Earth, but only when relevant to the plot, ugly lives in Mega-City One, home life with Wulf and goodbye to Azure.

2000AD Prog 446: Messerschmitts in the Mega-City! “Himmel! This isn’t Stalingrad!”

Young Alpha accepts the mission to save the Earth, even if it means saving everybody's lives, Bad Jack is determined to go to Earth, even if they have to kill to get there. The second world war ends - in the twenty second century! What to do with a robot butler? At the Souther / Nort peace pact, aliens attack!


2000AD Prog 445: Johnny and Wulf Get Nailed! “Scratch two dogs!”

"No, I AM your brother!" as we say a temporary goodbye to Nemesis and a longer goodbye to Termight. Peace in our time on Milicom. The Mega-Citizenry takes the fall. Security Pods chase the Mean Team through the skies of Artificon. Alpha and Sternhammer are back - but for how long? It's time for the Ragnarok Job!

2000AD Prog 440: 2-Ton Tony Wants to Go Out… “Fat chance!” “It can’t be done!” “Shut up and push!”

Purity's flashback? Now it's Candida's turn! Slade goes to hospital, ratoining ends in Mega-City One, a prisoner escapes and has to make a choice and Bad Jack and Henry Moon take on the enemy team, alone!

2000AD Prog 431: Norts Landing – Meltdown Minus 15! G.I. Stake Out!

Johnny and Wulf hit the palace, the Yellow Snork hits a snag, so does Nosferatu, Sláine and Elfric get macrocosmic (sigh) and Rogue gets hot under the collar.

2000AD Prog 428: Supersurf Rules Okeydokey! “Ground those skyhogs!”

Johnny and Wulf down at the farm, Sláine masters the warp spasm, Chopper gets a lead in Supersurf while Dredd gets a lead on the Supersurf finish, Ace gets news of his own finish and things aren't looking rosy for Rogue either.

2000D Prog 426: Midnight Express – Southbound Surfer! “Intruder on track! Impact unavoidable!”

Johnny and Wulf in semi-retirement on a forested colony planet, a pilot stranded on a forested planet (apparently), Sláine... the gladiator, Marlon goes on the run (flutter? Because he's flying), Rogue gains a lead though also gains a few enemies in the next zone (ambush alert?) and the remaining Dark Judges also 'port in to an ambush.

2000AD Prog 398: Have a cosmic Christmas, earthlets! “Ho ho ho!”

Kevin O'Neill provides a cover poster for christmas, featuring a version of Father Christmas that could only come from his pen! Of particular interest (on the back of the prog) are fireplace monsters, houses setting fire to each other and fighting snowmen, cheered on by bloodthirsty spectators (also snowmen). Snowthirsty? Icethirsty? Whatever animated snowmen have … Continue reading 2000AD Prog 398: Have a cosmic Christmas, earthlets! “Ho ho ho!”

2000AD Prog 384: Jaw to jaw with the law! RRRRRRRRR ‘Gator!

Kim Raymond brings us another Judge Dredd cover. In case we couldn't guess, the caption tells us the title of the Dredd story inside (Gator). Tharg's Nerve Centre warns earthlets to be careful when reading the 1985 Judge Dredd and 2000AD annuals while also teasing upcoming thrills Nemesis the Warlock Book IV, a new Judge … Continue reading 2000AD Prog 384: Jaw to jaw with the law! RRRRRRRRR ‘Gator!

2000AD Prog 383: “Heeeeeer, piggy piggy piggy piggy!” “Hark! A voith calleth my name!”

Zarjaz cover poster this prog! From Belardinelli - the half on the front features the Speedo Ghost crew (including the ughbugs, if they are ughbugs) while the half on the back introduces us to Princess Gadarina (which was used in the previous prog's preview). Tharg's Nerve Centre features a Strontium Gronk. Tharg reveals his eyes … Continue reading 2000AD Prog 383: “Heeeeeer, piggy piggy piggy piggy!” “Hark! A voith calleth my name!”