The Daily Dredds 1984

In 1984, forty-two Judge Dredd stories were published in a major national newspaper. This is their tale.

Judge Dredd Annual 1986

Even perps get robbed in Mega-City One - of everything! If you're committing a crime, best make sure you get good quality clothing first. No space for prudishness when you're a judge. Citi-Def - more trouble than they're worth. What would you do to get on the vid?

2000AD Annual 1986

Lugjacks and distress buoys, illegal smuggling from Brazil, talking kneepads, a visit to the Milton Keynes Mutant Ghetto and what Norts do on their day off

2000AD Prog 434: West Side Rumble “♪ A-rumbling! A-rumbling! ♪” “The Sharks were ♫ born for rumbling!” “♪ There’s nothin’ we like better than a fight! ♫” “♩ A-rumbling! A-rumbling! ♪” “♩ We love to go a-rumbling! ♪” “♫ We love to ♩ lay in ambush ♩ in the night! ♪”

Nest has a future-shock moment, uplifted apes try to avoid work, the slavers get hot under the collar, Mega-City street gangs get musical, be careful how you get to the spaceport.

2000AD Prog 433: The Sweet Taste of Justice! “Come here, food!”

City of the High Cythrons, Alpha puts out a bounty, Dredd doggedly pursues Nosferatu (write his name in blood), Garp makes the nightlight flight.

Podcasts Index

Over the years I've been on a few podcasts. Namely Mega-City Book Club and Space Spinner 2000. Here are the posts I made to accompany them (which naturally include links to the podcasts themselves). There's also a tag for podcasts on this blog. Mega City Book Club 17: The Ballad of Halo Jones (Eamonn, Rackle … Continue reading Podcasts Index

2000AD Prog 432: Rogue Mayall – Killer in a Concrete Jungle! “I warned you, Dredd!” BLAM! BLAM!

Mij takes a bath, Ace takes the lead, Nosferatu takes a new identity, Ukko takes the mirth and Rogue takes his leave.

2000AD Prog 431: Norts Landing – Meltdown Minus 15! G.I. Stake Out!

Johnny and Wulf hit the palace, the Yellow Snork hits a snag, so does Nosferatu, Sláine and Elfric get macrocosmic (sigh) and Rogue gets hot under the collar.

2000AD Prog 430: Ace Garp: You’ll Never Warp Alone!

The king's head falls, possession in Termight, shapechanging alien spiders in Mega-City One (well, one shapechanging alien spider), Ace hits the meteor belt at warp speed and Rogue gets tied down.

2000AD Prog 429: Rogue Playing Games? Dragons in Dungeons!

The Stronts take on the slavers, settlers take on the aliens (but they don't know it), Sharkespeare takes on the tunnel, space truckers take on the Yellow Line and the dragoids aren't all that bad. Sss.