The Stainless Steel Rat

A list of Stainless Steel Rat books, including their original publication dates (as of writing the last one I bought would have been in the eighties - so that leaves a few that were written and I only found out about when preparing this list).  These are sorted by in-universe chronological order. I only noticed after filling in half … Continue reading The Stainless Steel Rat

Wargames Foundry 2000AD Miniatures

With the release of the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game from Warlord Games today, I've been looking at the last range of 2000AD-related figures to be released (pre-Warlord, that is - the Strontium Dog Miniatures Game range is still current, and has had some new releases recently). I'm not sure when Wargames Foundry acquired the licence, … Continue reading Wargames Foundry 2000AD Miniatures