The Stainless Steel Rat Index

A list of Stainless Steel Rat books, including their original publication dates (as of writing the last one I bought would have been in the eighties – so that leaves a few that were written and I only found out about when preparing this list).  These are sorted by in-universe chronological order. I only noticed after filling in half these links that some are for Kindle editions, so buyer beware! The one without any link I couldn’t find at all, and there seems to be an errant chapter regarding a Battleship which is just a repackaged chapter from the original book…

Edit (2021) – Rebellion is due to release a new edition of the collected comic adaptations later this year. I’ll add a link once it comes out.

1: A Stainless Steel Rat is Born – 1985.
2: The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted – 1987.
3: The Stainless Steel Rat Sings the Blues – 1994.
4: The Stainless Steel Rat – 1961 – adapted to 2000AD.
5: The Stainless Steel Rat’s Revenge – 1970.
6: The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World – 1972 – adapted to 2000AD.
7: The Stainless Steel Rat Wants You! – 1978.
8: The Stainless Steel Rat for President – 1982 – adapted to 2000AD.
9: The Stainless Steel Rat Goes to Hell – 1996.
10: The Stainless Steel Rat Joins the Circus – 1999.
11: The Stainless Steel Rat Returns – 2010.
12: The Golden Years of the Stainless Steel Rat – 1993.

You Can Be the Stainless Steel Rat – 1985 – adventure gamebook.
The Fourth Law of Robotics – cameo in a short story in tribute anthology Foundation’s Friends.
The Return of the Stainless Steel Rat – late 1970s – short story accompanying a board game.


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