Mega-City Book Club: 94: Nemesis the Warlock

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Eamonn for his Mega-City Book Club, a podcast dedidated to all the collected editions from 2000AD * Mega-City Book Club - podcast episode can be heard or downloaded from here! 2000AD Online Forum - Eamonn's 2000AD forum post 2000ADopedia (wiki) - I'm updating this as I go along with my … Continue reading Mega-City Book Club: 94: Nemesis the Warlock


Should have mentioned this earlier, but as I was busy for November, doing NaNoWriMo, there weren't any updates for that month (should have said something at the end of October really).  Now that's over things will get back to normal.  Good news is that I now know where all of my issues of Starlord are, … Continue reading Delay