Wargames Foundry 2000AD Miniatures

With the release of the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game from Warlord Games today, I’ve been looking at the last range of 2000AD-related figures to be released (pre-Warlord, that is – the Strontium Dog Miniatures Game range is still current, and has had some new releases recently).

I’m not sure when Wargames Foundry acquired the licence, as this isn’t the first time Warlord has had a release out called Judge Dredd Miniatures Game – the last was in 2013. What confuses me is that this post on Everything Comes Back to 2000AD from 2011 mentions the Wargame Foundry miniatures while this post from the Wargames Foundry website suggests they still had the licence in 2017. Odd if they had a range at the same time Warlord was producing a game?

List of releases beyond the cut.

It’s not easy getting details on a discontinued line, but from what I can tell the figures were all sold separately, most for £4.00 each (there are a few large figures, like one of the Hammersteins, the warped Slaine, Mek-Quake, Grampus…) The model numbers were sequential from AD01 to AD51, and then AD53 to AD62, then it’s a straight run from AD68 to AD83, apparently the last. Models of Slaine based on earlier stories I’ve labelled ‘the wanderer’, i.e. before he started wearing the hero harness and becoming a king or high king).

AD01 – Judge Dredd
AD02 – Johnny Alpha (blaster raised)
AD03 – Mean Machine Angel
AD04 – Warrior Slaine (spear, sword)
AD05 – Slaine the King (cloak, axe)
AD06 – Hammerstein (The Black Hole, larger)
AD07 – Slaine the King (spear, sword, helmet)
AD08 – Ukko (backpack)
AD09 – Slaine (the wanderer, broken axe)
AD10 – Judge Giant (lawgiver raised)
AD11 – Hammerstein (smaller)
AD12 – Joe Pineapples
AD13 – Morrigan / Morrigun
AD14 – Blackblood
AD15 – Johnny Alpha (hand on holster)
AD16 – Chief Judge Cal and Deputy Chief Judge Fish
AD17 – Psi Chief Omar
AD18 – Psi Judge Anderson
AD19 – Judge Death
AD20 – Brit-Cit Judge (Armour, Strong?)
AD21 – Sov Judge
AD22 – Fink Angel
AD23 – Deputy Chief Judge Grampus
AD24 – Mek-Quake (The Time Wastes)
AD25 – Junior Angel
AD26 – Sam Slade and Stogie
AD27 – Durham Red
AD28 – The Gronk
AD29 – Rogue Trooper
AD30 – Nort (aiming)
AD31 – Souther
AD32 – Venus Bluegenes
AD33 – Rogue (Helm dangling from Bagman)
AD34 – Nort (order arms / at ease)
AD35 – Stix (in action)
AD36 – Stix (pointing blaster)
AD37 – Evans the Fist
AD38 – The Torso from Newcastle
AD39 – Max Bubba
AD40 – Toby
AD41 – Hondo City Judge Aiko Inaba
AD42 – Psi Judge Karyn
AD43 – Judge Hershey
AD44 – Chief Judge McGruder
AD45 – Riot Judge (Stumm Gas)
AD46 – Tek Judge (?)
AD47 – Ukko (pointy finger)
AD48 – Judge Fire
AD49 – Judge Mortis
AD50 – Skysurfer Dallas
AD51 – Skysurfer Chopper
AD52 –
AD53 – Nemesis the Warlock
AD54 – Max Normal
AD55 – Nest
AD56 – Kreeler
AD57 – Oz Judge Bruce
AD58 – SJS Judge Slocum
AD59 – Souther (?, gun pointing up)
AD60 – Citi Def
AD61 – Texas City Judge
AD62 – Skullsword
AD63 –
AD64 –
AD65 –
AD66 –
AD67 –
AD68 – Judge Dredd (lawgiver lowered and daystick raised)
AD69 – Ro-Jaws
AD70 – Torquemada (Gothic Empire armour)
AD71 – Hoagy
AD72 – Deadlock
AD73 – Slaine 4 (wanderer, brainbiter)
AD74 – Slaine (warp spasm)
AD75 – Mean Machine Angel (with arm)
AD76 – Pa Angel
AD77 – Link Angel
AD78 – Middenface McNulty
AD79 – Judge Dredd (finger raised)
AD80 – Wulf Sternhammer
AD81 – Judge Fear
AD82 – Judge Dredd (lawgiver raised and daystick lowered)
AD83 – Don Uggie Appelino

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