Podcasts Index

Over the years I’ve been on a few podcasts. Namely Mega-City Book Club and Space Spinner 2000. Here are the posts I made to accompany them (which naturally include links to the podcasts themselves). There’s also a tag for podcasts on this blog.

Mega City Book Club 17: The Ballad of Halo Jones (Eamonn, Rackle and me)

Mega City Book Club 67: Otto Sump (Eamonn and Rackle – this one’s a direct link to Eamonn’s blog post)

Mega City Book Club 94: Nemesis the Warlock (Book I) (Eamonn and me, with backing vocals by Rackle)

Space Spinner 2000 ep 207: 1990 Judge Dredd Annual (Conrad and me)

Mega City Book Club 124: Nemesis the Warlock (Book II) (Eamonn and me)

Space Spinner 2000: Starlordathon Pt 6 (Conrad, Fox and me)

Space Spinner 2000: Rogue Trooper Annual 1991 (Conrad and me)

Space Spinner 2000: 2000AD Winter Special 1992 (Conrad and me)

Mega City Book Club 198: The Adventures of Luther Arkwright (Eamonn and me)

In 2020 every piece of intellectual property worth its salt seemed to release an audio adaptation. Notably (to me, at least) were The Sandman with an all-star cast and a number of 2000AD audiobooks, also with stellar casts. Mine is a robot developed by Spotify which reads out what I’ve written, accompanied by some creative commons animal noises so you know when they begin and end. Enjoy!

Anchor by Spotify: Back Prog Hack (rss feed)

Spotify: Back Prog Hack


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