Judge Dredd Annual 1986

Even perps get robbed in Mega-City One - of everything! If you're committing a crime, best make sure you get good quality clothing first. No space for prudishness when you're a judge. Citi-Def - more trouble than they're worth. What would you do to get on the vid?

2000AD Annual 1986

Lugjacks and distress buoys, illegal smuggling from Brazil, talking kneepads, a visit to the Milton Keynes Mutant Ghetto and what Norts do on their day off

Judge Dredd Annual 1985: He is the law in Mega-City!

Judge Dredd looks a bit green around the gills in this portrait while the almost full-length pic of the lawman does a jazz hand while firing in this Carlos Ezquerra cover. Meanwhile a ruddy Mega-Cityscape merges in to big Dredd-head's helmet. On the other side of the front cover, Carlos Ezquerra is back to present … Continue reading Judge Dredd Annual 1985: He is the law in Mega-City!


Space Spinner 2000: Rogue Trooper Annual 1991

Not content with guesting on Space Spinner 2000's Starlordathon, I was also invited to talk about the Rogue Trooper Annual 1991 (we've yet to get a second annual). Space Spinner 2000 blog post, including link to the episode (which I haven't listened to yet, as I'm still listening to my Starlordathon appearance). Space Spinner 2000 … Continue reading Space Spinner 2000: Rogue Trooper Annual 1991

2000AD Annual 1985

Cam Kennedy put in a quick succession of three Sláine covers (even though the story they illustrated was drawn by Mike McMahon). McMahon has a go at a character better associated with Kennedy in this cover featuring Sláine, Dredd and Rogue. This, and the Dredd annual, were the first annuals I read (from the House … Continue reading 2000AD Annual 1985

Judge Dredd Annual 1984: The world-famous hero of 2000AD comic!

Carlos is on the cover and unlike this year's 2000AD annual we get a cover tagline too. The contents page features a great pic of Dredd near the New New Grand Hall of Justice - either at sunset, the sun's rays washing it in pink - or it's been painted pink in the first place. … Continue reading Judge Dredd Annual 1984: The world-famous hero of 2000AD comic!

2000AD Annual 1984

Dave Gibbons provided this cover, featuring an ensemble of Hammerstein (with Ro-Busters head), Slade, Rogue, Johnny Alpha, Dredd and Speedo Ghost in the background. I don't remember much about this annual, so can't remember if they all appear inside (in proper stories). Cosmic Contents has Robin Smith's armoured Tharg casting a spell or something. Sam … Continue reading 2000AD Annual 1984

Starlord Annual 1982

Oh no! It turns out I missed out an annual last year - I'd thought we reduced down to 2000AD and Judge Dredd for the 1982 round of annuals, but there was a lurking Starlord annual which I missed on my bookshelf! After the previous year's Brian Bolland ensemble cover we're back to artwork irrelevant … Continue reading Starlord Annual 1982

Judge Dredd Annual 1983: In the 22nd century he is the law!

Brian Bolland draws the Dredd cover where Joe is judge, jury and executioner, except it looks like he's in the dock this time, with a gallery of his past foes stood in judgement on him... The contents page has Tharg make it clear that this annual will be dominated by Carlos Ezquerra artwork, as the … Continue reading Judge Dredd Annual 1983: In the 22nd century he is the law!

2000AD Annual 1983

A Brian Bolland cover greets us this year as he depicts some characters we won't ever seem him draw in comic strip form (Rogue Trooper, Johnny and Wulf) in addition to his Dredd. The contents page has Robin Smith's rendition of Tharg riding an armoured space dragon thing (Tharg's in the same suit of armour … Continue reading 2000AD Annual 1983