Judge Dredd Annual 1982

Mike McMahon provides the cover for the second Judge Dredd Annual which has a very green theme going on (border, gloves and boots, rooftop gardens and jetpacking perp's visor). The contents page continues with the McMahon artwork as Dredd and a cohort of judges (what is the collective noun for judges, anyway?) stand outside the … Continue reading Judge Dredd Annual 1982

2000AD Annual 1982

Brian Bolland provides a montage cover featuring Dredd, Johnny Alpha and Blackhawk flanking Tharg. Wasn't expecting to see Blackhawk again - I'm guessing it's going to be a text story... The contents page image is provided by Robin Smith and features Johnny Alpha - we'd better get a good Strontium Dog story this annual! Robin … Continue reading 2000AD Annual 1982

Judge Dredd Annual 1981: 2000 A.D.’s top sci-fi hero bursts into action!

Judge Dredd bursts through a map of a Mega-City One sector in this Brian Bolland cover. Tharg introduces the contents page, with a fantastic painting by Ron Smith of Mega-City One by Night. The city looks golden - probably more through a trick of the sunset or sodium lighting than from the blocks looking yellow. … Continue reading Judge Dredd Annual 1981: 2000 A.D.’s top sci-fi hero bursts into action!

2000AD Annual 1981

This annual's cover character montage comes courtesy of Dave Gibbons - showing Tharg in between Judge Dredd (in his own and Bolland's style) and Johnny Alpha (looking pretty faithful to an Ezquerra picture). This is promising - following that Gibbons' cover the inside starts with a star pin-up of Deadlock ("They mystic A.B.C. Warrior) by … Continue reading 2000AD Annual 1981