The Daily Dredds 1984

In 1984, forty-two Judge Dredd stories were published in a major national newspaper. This is their tale.

The Daily Dredds: 1983

The newspaper strips continue in to their third year (and were collected with those from 1981 to 1986 in a hardback edition a few years back). For the sake of logistics, I'm saving these up in to batches for coverage in this blog (it wouldn't exactly be practical to have one episode per day, interspersed … Continue reading The Daily Dredds: 1983


The Daily Dredds: 1982

The first full year of weekly newspaper strips (it later went daily which is why we generally think of them as a daily strip, and that was the name given when they were collected in a hardback edition a few years back). Target Chief Judge - this is a bit of a strange one from … Continue reading The Daily Dredds: 1982

The Daily Dredds: 1981

In general the aim of this blog is to cover every publication from the House of Tharg (plus a few Tharg-adjacent things that have cropped up over the years) in roughly the order they came out - one blog per publication. When it comes to the newspaper strips, practicality demands a different approach. In 1981, … Continue reading The Daily Dredds: 1981