Judge Dredd Annual 1982

Mike McMahon provides the cover for the second Judge Dredd Annual which has a very green theme going on (border, gloves and boots, rooftop gardens and jetpacking perp's visor). The contents page continues with the McMahon artwork as Dredd and a cohort of judges (what is the collective noun for judges, anyway?) stand outside the … Continue reading Judge Dredd Annual 1982

2000AD Prog 195: Return to Armageddon

The Redondo / Gibson connections continue as the latter provides a cover for the former's series, and it looks like the Destroyer is going to be making his presence felt on a new planet this week. Strontium Dog: The Bad Boys Bust Part Two by Alan Grant and Ezquerra. This is the page which got … Continue reading 2000AD Prog 195: Return to Armageddon