The Daily Dredds: 1983

The newspaper strips continue in to their third year (and were collected with those from 1981 to 1986 in a hardback edition a few years back). For the sake of logistics, I'm saving these up in to batches for coverage in this blog (it wouldn't exactly be practical to have one episode per day, interspersed … Continue reading The Daily Dredds: 1983


2000AD Prog 318: The Stupid Gun! “You’re next, Dredd!”

Ron Smitih's back on the cover with a scene from the week's Dredd tale. This is another of the progs that was given to me by my neighbour and for me encapsulates a lot of what a good Judge Dredd tale was in that era. Though they were all good Judge Dredd tales! Tharg's Nerve … Continue reading 2000AD Prog 318: The Stupid Gun! “You’re next, Dredd!”