2000AD Prog 437: 5 Men plus 1 Droid plus 1 Alien plus 1 Panther Equals ? “Maximum kill-points!” The future of Earth is in Their Hands – Mean Team

The return of Elmer and Mabeline, the Mean Team appear on the scene, Norman does a Kryten (or Kryten will do a Norman), when Slobbs attack and Sam Slade returns to New York

2000AD Prog 366: “Yer a dead dog, Alpha!”

King Carlos is back on the cover showing a scene from part 4 of Outlaw! (last on the cover for part 1 of the same story). Tharg's Nerve Centre is reduced to a Thargnote plugging the back page of this same comic while the rest of the page advertises Forbidden Planet T-shirts (only original image … Continue reading 2000AD Prog 366: “Yer a dead dog, Alpha!”


The Daily Dredds: 1982

The first full year of weekly newspaper strips (it later went daily which is why we generally think of them as a daily strip, and that was the name given when they were collected in a hardback edition a few years back). Target Chief Judge - this is a bit of a strange one from … Continue reading The Daily Dredds: 1982