2000AD Prog 440: 2-Ton Tony Wants to Go Out… “Fat chance!” “It can’t be done!” “Shut up and push!”

Purity's flashback? Now it's Candida's turn! Slade goes to hospital, ratoining ends in Mega-City One, a prisoner escapes and has to make a choice and Bad Jack and Henry Moon take on the enemy team, alone!

2000AD Prog 439: Robohunter: Wide-Eyed and Credless! “Play me again, Sam!”

Necropolis cityscape, Purity flashback, Slade catches up with Hoagy and Stogie, and Hoagy and Stogie, and Hoagy and Stogie, The Man forgets too much, Eric forgets nothing, Moon grows in to their feline body.

2000AD Prog 438: Warning: Nem at Work! “Death in the fast lane!”

The return of Pandora and Barbarossa, bathtime with Slade, Justice Department has a secret, Moon gets catty with Bad Jack and somebody's making mutants!

2000AD Prog 437: 5 Men plus 1 Droid plus 1 Alien plus 1 Panther Equals ? “Maximum kill-points!” The future of Earth is in Their Hands – Mean Team

The return of Elmer and Mabeline, the Mean Team appear on the scene, Norman does a Kryten (or Kryten will do a Norman), when Slobbs attack and Sam Slade returns to New York

2000AD Prog 436: The S-L-A-Y-E-D Treatment! “My friends call me Sam!” KZAAK! BZZZZT!

In the post jumping-on prog week, Torque gets a roasting, Nem gets married, Thoth reveals their pet, Slade takes Manhattan, Otto Sump gets smart, the President of the Earth deals with a comet and IPC's nursery title meets the Beast.

2000AD Prog 435: Dredd Dispenses Justice “I am the LAW!” …and the sentence is Thrill-Power! Walkie Talkie Freebie – 20 to give away! Robohunter – New Thrill! Nemesis – New Thrill!

Jumping on prog - the return of Nemesis, Thoth, Sam Slade, Burt and the debut of the Mean Team!

Judge Dredd: The Role-Playing Game

A few years after Judge Dredd: The Game of Crime-Fighting in Mega-City One came the first 2000AD-related roleplaying game!

Space Spinner 2000: 2000AD Winter Special 1992

I've held off posting about this as I was hoping to complete the next installment of my back prog hack - which has been particularly challenging, for reasons which should become clear whenever I finish the thing! Conrad invited me back to guest on the Space Spinner 2000 podcast where we talked about the 1992 … Continue reading Space Spinner 2000: 2000AD Winter Special 1992


The Daily Dredds 1984

In 1984, forty-two Judge Dredd stories were published in a major national newspaper. This is their tale.

Judge Dredd Annual 1986

Even perps get robbed in Mega-City One - of everything! If you're committing a crime, best make sure you get good quality clothing first. No space for prudishness when you're a judge. Citi-Def - more trouble than they're worth. What would you do to get on the vid?