Space Spinner 2000: Starlordathon Pt 6

On Saturday July 25th and Sunday July 26th 2020 Conrad and Fox from Space Spinner 2000 spent 24 hours covering the entire run of Starlord, inviting guests from the unofficial 2000AD blogosphere for selected issues. I was one of those to be invited!

By the time I appeared to cover issue 19, they’d been awake and broadcasting for twenty hours (myself I’d had about four hours sleep in the early hours of the Sunday).

Starlordathon Pt 6 (issues 19 to 22).

Starlordathon YouTube channel (I’ll change the link once my episode appears).

Space Spinner 2000 now has a Patreon page, including exclusive content!

My original coverage of the issue in the Back Prog Hack.

And for good measure, my index of all my posts regarding Starlord.

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