Star Lord No 16: Massacre on the Moon! All our mates are being wiped out, Ro-Jaws – and we could be next!

A great Kevin O’Neill cover showing the events at the end of last week’s Ro-Busters. It’s all in the dialogue, so I don’t need to add any description!

In Mind Wars, Ardeni helps disentangle the vessels in the ship’s graveyard. While she waits for the locals (and Tillman) to go through the wreckage and make the Vegan Belle ship shape again she encounters a Stellar Federation officer who she starts to fall for. They party, they dance, he goes back to her place (to sleep in a different room to her), he gets killed by the Jugla, she gets abducted and taken off-world – the old story. Just to disprove what I said about Ardeni getting her kit off at the drop of a hat a few weeks ago – this time she sleeps wearing a nightie (well, two-piece bikini-style top and a sheer mini-skirt thing).

T.B. Grover and Casanovas are back on the not-a-Future-Shock, this one is Earn Big Money While you Sleep! No Mega-City One here – welcome to Cityhive 8. Max spends all his time (and money) on his garden – the only one in the entire city. His wife berates him so he consults the Sit-Vac ads on his videoscreen (rather like looking at a jobs website – though this was written in 1978). The story is based on a discredited study that appeared to claim that most of the human brain was unused. The truth is that at the time of the original research, only a small amount of the brain’s workings could be accounted for – things that have been discovered since: Pluto, DNA, tobacco as a cause of cancer, powered flight, electronic computers. Anyway – Max’s brain gets used as a computer while he sleeps but in the morning he sees people as insects, Naked Lunch style (the film at least – I don’t know if giant insects appear in the book – it should be noted that the book pre-dates this story but the film was made about four years after). If it was an actual Future-Shock then waking up seeing people as insects would be the final panel – this story goes on. He ends up spending all his time in the garden believing himself to be an insect, while his wife (who never gets given a name) is sitting around in the house sobbing all day while bills pile up.

Starlord’s Stargrams has the usual letters from readers – though this is slightly more notable in that two of the readers have taken the Starlord moniker for themselves.

On the moon Pino is replaced by Ferrer on Ro-Busters (having decided he wasn’t suited to drawing robots in Robo-Hunter editorial have moved him to draw robots in Ro-Busters? Interesting). The robots escape the massacre and meet two children whose family have been victims of O’Gonsell. Jack Adrian’s in-jokes continue as the team leave the domed city through the low tension cellu-Wagnerfoam dome wall, which acts in the same way as the Luna-City domes written by T.B. Grover / John Wagner 🙂

Holocaust takes us to the end of the issue, and Hunter contracts a sickness from dead alien fumes, continues to investigate, passes into and out of semi-consciousness, passes on the sickness to some aliens and gets cast out from the ship. By the time he has recovered in an army hospital, a ship has crashed and an orderly is involved in bringing corpses to life in the hospital morgue. It’s entertaining though not a classic.

Grailpage: Jesus Redondo, first page of Mind Wars – a ground-level view of the spaceship graveyard, including Ardeni lifting up the wreckage through mind power.

Grailquote: Jack Adrian, Goltz: “M-my hand! You nearly bit if off!” Ro-Jaws: “Stop moaning, ya big cry-baby! Because if you don’t… I’ll bite your whole arm off and grind it up like your gun!”

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