Star Lord No 15: Earth Star-Squad hit by Droon! No Survivors!

As the title suggests, this issue has a Timequake cover, with the Droon drawn by Alberto Salinas. As it’s easy to forget, Droon are huge – about twice or thrice as tall as humans, and this one seems to be carrying two laser swords. If I was a bit older I’d have an idea of how prevalent laser swords were before Star Wars, but I’m not, so I don’t.

Mind Wars! While Tilman meets with his rescuers/kidnappers Ardeni continues to be hypnotised by the bird, who she asks to provide her with clothing (so despite earlier hints it looks like she isn’t a nudist). Yilik is waiting outside and asks Ardeni to get in to his car (calling a vehicle on an alien planet a ‘car’ in the year 3000 isn’t very futuristic, is it?) though their destination is the bottom of a flight of stairs leading directly from the villa she’s been staying at, so that was a wasted journey. Ardeni is introduced to the giant eagle who rules the hypnotising birds. Tilman and the Lenarthians break the birds concentration, allowing Ardeni to take a dip (to clear her head). It’s a bit unclear what happens next – the upshot is that the birds’ hold over the humanoids is broken and a mindblast is visible from 20,000 light years away on Earth and also wherever the Jugla homeworld is. Freed of mind control the Vegan Belle can now be repaired, but this week’s cliffhanger is that Stellar Federation and Jugla war fleets are both heading to the Chaotic Zone.

Ro-Busters takes us to the Moon. Not content with writing three fifths of this week’s prog, J. Adrian provides the words for this new story, while Pino draws the pictures. We are introduced to K.G. O’Gonsell, whose name looks like an amalgam of editorial / creators Kelvin Gosnell and Kevin O’Neill. There are further references in the names of minerals Kelvium and Pinum. Anyway, O’Gonsell owns most of the moon (about 21 years before Mr. Moonie will hold that honour) except for one bit on the dark side which is owned by Lunar Diggings, Inc. We’re told that they send raiding parties, sabotage O’Gonsell’s territories and are generally bad people. I’m going to predict that they’re rebels against harsh treatment by O’Gonsell. The Ro-Busters team are going along to a summit between the two groups to provide a bit of gunboat diplomacy. Almost immediately the robots come under attack by humes with laser-cannons until only Ro-Jaws and Hammerstein are left (the other robots going along were un-named and fairly nondescript, so I’d say it’s fairly certain they won’t be seen again). Before I forget – we get not just one, but two domed cities in this episode!

Starlord’s Stargrams and we’re told that cover is actually false Droon propaganda.

Strontium Dog versus the Two-Faced Terror comes to a conclusion, with Billy Joe’s men muscling in on the duel once Alpha’s training starts to give him the upper hand. Wulf leads the charge, inspiring those who have been oppressed to join the fight. In the end Alpha doesn’t take out Billy Joe, the Smiling Chukwalla doing that instead (though I wonder who gets the bounty?) The Gronk is tired of masquerading as a gypsy woman and joins the bounty hunters – the team is now complete! Though Johnny and Wulf are taking another break next week.

There’s another Starlord Survival Scan (3 option quiz) this time for Skateboard Strike Forces – this has to be the last one, right?

Holocaust. Minsky completes Hunter’s briefing and signs him on to the payroll again (Hunter doesn’t have much choice – guess it’s this or protective custody – to protect the secrets he’s seen). The plot is now that aliens (probably survivors of a destroyed world) have come to Earth to colonise it. They have a huge starship on the dark side of the moon (picture taken by one of the new space shuttles) and have been causing all the famines affecting the third world. Hunter stops off at ‘the greasiest hamburger joint’ which we find out a page later was a Burger King on the Modesto Road – I wonder if this was before or after 2000AD got into a few problems with the Burger Wars story? By the way, Hunter kills an alien who happens to be carrying a map with a U.F.O. base marked on it.

Grailpage: Jesus Redondo, Mind Wars – Ardeni gets out of the bath, puts on a sheet (using space eagle teleportation) and goes down to a fire outside her villa.

Grailquote: A Hebden, Minsky: “Oh, an’ they’re the worst car drivers in creation!” Hunter: “No kidding! I thought that honour was reserved for army drivers!”

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