2000AD Prog 4: Logan’s Force-Field has Failed

This one has a mysterious cover (no-one seems to agree on who actually drew the thing, apart from Dare’s Belardinelli head in the corner).

Invasion! starts with a view of the official British resistance base (somewhere in East Anglia), including a secret message for those with a Red Alert Survival Wallet, which I don’t have.  Once again, Savage shows how he is better at being a fighter than all those people who have been trained to do it, winning the Brigadier over and starting a mission to bring the resistance to the Volgs in London.

Flesh starts with a bang, with a full-page splash of Old One Eye, the Hag Monster, before we follow the rangers to a domed city run by ‘Claw’ Carver. Joe is suffering from black boils which can only be cured by use of a gland from a living Tyrannosaur’s throat.  Luckily, minutes later, Old One Eye tears her way through the dome, leaving her and Earl Reagan standing off against each other for the cliffhanger.

Harlem Heroes starts dramatically with Zach in a death dive and continues with a few good images resulting in the new Heroes starting to act like a team.  During the interval Giant gets a holophone call from the hospital and is informed by Louis that the crash was no accident (pretty sure most readers would have seen that one coming).

Dan Dare’s colour centrespread is strangely lacking that Belardinelli touch, though most of the spread is definitely his style there seems something missing – though whether it was due to being rushed or parts being bodged by someone else I don’t know.  There are a few stand-out images in this episode though – the first view of a Biog and the once-again conscious Thing attacking Ziggy Rodann show him back on form.

We see Tharg’s ability to change size in the Nerve Centre above an advert for the Air Training Corp.

M.A.C.H.1 is a ho-hum story about Probe assassinating the President of Irania on the eve of an invasion of neighbouring Turkostan.

Dredd sees the future lawman leave the city and travel into the (as yet un-named) Cursed Earth to rescue the mayor’s son.  Which mayor it is is unknown – Amalfi, Grubb, who knows?  A quick tale, resolved through the use of light (as will also be used in a Troggie tale before year’s end).

We close with a Futureadvert (branded in a similar way to the Futuregraphs), illustrated by Kevin O’Neill and showing a glimpse of the future (well, a supermarket) that all that Flesh is beamed to.  Good stuff and a quite Mek-Quake-ish fleshdozer.


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