Starting Today

I said I’d start when the weather started prohibiting how much time I wanted to spend outside, and there’s been a few mostly-cold weeks in a row now, so time to start.

I’m setting myself a few rules:

  • read each issue, cover-to-cover, in the order that they were released (including annuals, specials and sibling titles)
  • no distractions – with the exception of classical music or music with lyrics in a language I don’t understand
  • once I’ve finished each prog I can take to the internet, updating this blog, the 2000AD Online thread and the Wiki
  • I’ll decide what to do about the books when I get a little nearer to them – don’t particularly want to break up the week-to-week schedule with 300-page novels, but I do still want to include them
  • other than holidays where I’m away from home, I shall keep up with the original weekly publishing schedule (so at an absolute minimum I’ll always read one prog a week, not including the latest releases) – obviously to get through the whole lot in less than thirty-eight years I’ll need to read considerably faster than that, but this is a minimum to set myself, even when life gets in the way

That’s about it – time to make myself a coffee and get started – I won’t go into the garden to play with the space spinner though.  Apart from anything else, I don’t think the cat would play along (if only I had a dog!)

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